Take a Break

Music by Gisula : https://soundcloud.com/gisula/wednesday-morning

if you are having trouble consider looking at the HINTS and/or SOLUTION below!

Last update 09 August 2020: make the fifth puzzle more straightforward

A small game about breathing, stress, relaxation, and this kind of stuff.
Made in 1 month, with unity, as a side project, I hope you will enjoy it !

Press Space Breath in, release to Breath out.

The game doesn't provide a lot of info on purpose, but you can find hints below, the more you scroll, the more it will spoil ! Full playthrough solution on the bottom.

I tried to make it as accessible as possible, it should playable with sound or visual only, but please comment if there are more things I can do to improve accessibility or bugs !

1-Hints (no spoilers)

2- Hints (medium spoilers)

3 - full solution

1-HINTS (no spoilers)

  • Looks for patterns and try to match your Breath In/Out with movements in the world.
  • There are 5 "puzzles" to solve.


2-HINTS (Medium spoilers)

  • Near the bench
  • In the sky
  • In the distance
  • Foreground
  • Near the tree



PuzzleBreath IN when...
Breath OUT when...
LampostLight turns On (buzz sound)
Light turns Off (buzz sound)
Shooting Star
Star Appears and Flashes (twinkle sound)
Star Disappears and flashes (subtle twinkle sound)
CarLights turn on and flashes when car start turning  (Click sound)
Lights turn off (Click sound)
Leaf (Foreground left bush)
When leaf start growing (anytime during Leaf moving sound)
When leaf detach and start flying (Abrupt leaf sound)
Yellow Plant (near right tree)
When plant opens its leaves and reveal the yellow core (plant opening sound)
When plant closes down (plant closing sound)


TakeABreak_windows_1.1.rar 40 MB

Development log


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This was a beautiful surprise. It allowed me to breath deep during 5 minutes in the middle of work (it made me good, thanks!). Loved the calmness and the tasteful decisions like leaving us contemplating the city with that music and ambient sound at the end. Very nice.

Thank you so much for you comment, Im super happy you enjoyed it!


Very lovely game! The Main mechanic of the game is really straight forward, finding the puzzles and figuring out their patterns was fun, tho i admit i once accidentally solved one while i tried to go for another one, specifically the flower. The shooting star felt not too reliant on the little ding sound but i had to try a few times (i can't hear it well but i can see it being distracting when louder.) Aside that, i absolutely adore the graphics of this game, it is charming, the surroundings feels cozy and the composer did a fantastic job to give this game a extra layer of comfort, i actually just let the game be on idle for a bit and just, enjoy it all. Wonderful work on this ya'll, it's definitely a little precious gem! <3


thank you so much for your in-depth feedback, im so glad you finished it (and liked it :D)

I agree that the timing are overlapping a bit, it create some confusing win! Thanks again for playing !!!


Wow, idk what to do properly, but graphic and sound is pretty cool, thanks ^^


This was a beautiful break. Thank you :)

tysm for playing it !


High quality, relaxing, sensual.

The car pattern didn't come naturally to me, but the others had a calming rhythm.

(1 edit)

Thanks for playing ! I agree the car is the most bizarre one..Will probably  change it at some point

EDIT : changed it :D


Nice game! 

thank you !