the snake that wanted to climb a tree

BUG : if you dont have music, try to reload the page !

Prefer the windows version if possible ! (a few bug fixes, done post jam)

Reach the top of the tree to prove that mean bird wrong !

Hold &Drag Left Mouse : Aim

Release Left Mouse : Jump

Grab branches to climb the tree, and reach nest to receive encouragement that will make you jump even further ! 

This game was made for the #WholesomeGameJam in about two days ! ( around 15hrs of works)

@AlexStrook : Code / Animation

@LucieLescuyer : Environment / Animation

@giuliabiazus : Characters (Design + modeling)/Dialogue

@MineTimelapser : Audio + Music

PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Made withUnity
Tags3D, Cute, one-button


the snake that wanted to climb a tree.rar 29 MB


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Wholesome: 100%


A very impressive entry! The character design, the mechanics, the cute little story, the musical cues...all flawlessly executed in a way that perfectly captures the theme of the jam. Remember seeing some of its WIPs on the Discord server and was very excited to play the final game. And what can I say? It was even better than I had imagined! Great job!


thanks !!

ty everyone for the comments !!


Nice game!


I Like This Game It's Short And It's Very Fun To Play (Again And Again To Me)


omg, the music stings and sound design is UNBELIEVABLY GOOD
MineTimelapser, you are an audio god

and the environment, character and lighting design all working in such good harmony, i'm positively shaking with enthusiasm abt this project


CRYING i love this so much!!!


Haha! I've reached the top with Emilio. I like very much the birds being friends with a snake. Lovely job!


This is so stinking cute, you all did an amazing job!!