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Its great you should add more levels and more stuff and colors good work


 oh my goodness this is amazing! if you dont mind me asking, would you be willing to make more levels? i love the whole atmosphere of the game and would love to see more

thanks a lot ! No plan for now, but who knows, maybe as a free game !


This game is better than any other furniture game ive ever played. (i especially love the atmosphere) but can you add more levels?

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Thank, that means a lot to me :D 

I took a lot of inspiration from Animal crossing (home designer) and mobiles games ! What would you like to see added to this, more furnitures, more challenges, styles ?


This is really cute and fun!!
Are you planning to add more levels later?


Depends if more people ask for it, it may turn into something more fleshed out

thanks for playing !!